Our Contract and Rules


Many times I am asked about my contract and what rules I follow. This is the contract Sir and I have. It is a document that is changing and growing as we grow. It is simpler than some and more than others. I have posted it in the past. I wanted to make it accessible and easily found. For clarity, in the contract I am referred to as babydoll. I sometimes write under the name Scarlet.

I have been asked in the past if people can use our contract. Please feel free to use any or all of it. I found it by searching contracts online and taking the parts we liked best. So please do.


Contract and Rules for Sir and babydoll

Contract of Submission

This contract is written to make clear the duties, rights and obligations of both babydoll, the submissive, and Sir, the Dominant. From the date of signing, this contract will be in full effect until either party chooses to rescind or alter the agreement. Either party may decide to change this contract. In the event of a change, the above parties will come together and discuss the change. All opinions will be taken into consideration. Both parties should make every attempt to agree to the change. If an agreement can not be reached, Sir will make the final decision and babydoll will live by it or the contact becomes null and void.

Right, Duties, and Obligations ~ Submissive

A. I promise to obey the will of Sir in all things. I understand that His decisions will be made with the ultimate care and thoughtfulness for my well-being mentally, physically and emotionally, the decisions He makes will be made sober and they will allow me to maintain my career and my business.
B. I promise to conduct myself with the utmost respect for Sir. I will address Him as ‘Sir’, unless it would be indiscreet to do so; in which case, I will use the His name.
C. I will act in a manner that will make you proud to have me at your side. I will do nothing to bring unwanted attention to myself from others or embarrass you. I only seek your attention and praise.
D. I understand that, above all else, it is my duty to please Sir and I promise I will endeavor to do so. I will speak respectfully and truthfully, conduct my tasks quickly and efficiently, and see to my Sir’s every need. These needs may be social, sexual, or those that fall under service.
E. I understand that I am to serve at Sir’s pleasure at all times, whether or not we are physically together.
F. I will have my phone with me at all times, charged and in good working order. I will answer my phone when you call. If I am unable to answer I must call at my earliest convenience with a good explanation as to why I did not answer. Whether my reason for not answering is good or not will be at your discretion.
G. I understand that Sir does not feel the need to micro manage me. Sir believes me to be an adult. I am to know my duties and responsibilities. I am to execute them without reminder. Sir is not my babysitter.
H. In the event that I am to make a decision without the ability to consult Sir, I am to consider all options and make the decision that I feel would best serve Sir and my commitment to this relationship.
I. I understand Sir’s reliance on safewords obligates me to use them and I Promise to do so. I will use “yellow” as a warning word to request that Sir slow down, ease up, or change direction while continuing the session. I will use “red” to immediately end a scene or session.
J. I am to give myself freely to Sir. In doing so, I am to be open and honest about my wants and needs, to let go of my negative self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, and be secure in the ability of Sir to make me feel safe in expressing these things to Him.
K. I am free to ask any questions that I have. I have a right to an answer from Sir. He will alway answer me taking my feelings and concerns into consideration.

Rights, Duties, and Obligations ~ Dominant

A. I promise to care for and cherish babydoll. I will help her, teach her and guide her, show her her limits and take her beyond them. I have the right to use her body so long as I do not damage her, inflict lasting injury or harm her mentally. I have the ability to use her as a servant, have her tend to my whims and needs and I will do so. I will use implements and tools on her for my own pleasure, I will bind her and restrain her, and I will have her sexually.
B. I will not use alcohol or drugs at any time when we are together. I will help her find pleasure in submission, and I will make sure that she knows when she has pleased me. I will reward and punish her for her efforts and failures, but I will take the time to hear her thoughts and nurture her as she grows.
C. My sub is a precious thing to me, and I seek to make her strong and powerful. I will not interfere with her work, nor will I make unreasonable demands upon her time. I am aware that she may dislike some of my choices, and I know that my word is the final authority in all matters. I will, however, listen to her opinions and thoughts with respect and I will consider her opinions. Her needs outweigh her preferences, and it is my duty to ensure she understands that. I will set a routine and rules for my babydoll, and I will let her know what the punishments are for infractions. I will set daily discipline. It is my duty to be constant for her, and to be reliable, sober and caring. I will respect the list of my subs preferences, and discuss them with her.

Rules and Protocols for babydoll

1) I am to maintain close proximity to you at all times when out in public, no further than arms length, from the moment we enter the vehicle at the beginning of our time together until the moment we exit the vehicle at the end of our time. I will ask permission to leave your side. When permission is granted, I will stay within eye contact at all times.

2) I do have permission to look others in the eyes for normal conversation. Eye contact will not be maintained for longer than is necessary for conversation.

3) I must ask permission to start a conversation with someone when out in public.

4) If my phone rings I may answer it. But if you ask I will tell you who i am talking to or texting.

5) I may sit at the table first. I may not eat or drink until you give me permission with the nod of your head. At that point I may eat and drink freely.

6) You will have final say on all clothing I wear. Requests of certain types of dress will be given at the time I am getting dressed and I will comply to the best of my ability. If my attire does not meet your approval I will change until it does.

7) I will sleep naked at all times.

8) I must request permission for any activity I want to do outside of our home. You will grant permission at you see fit.

9) When protocols are broken, punishment will be given by you as you see fit. Punishment will be given within 24 hours of the infraction or the punishment is waived.

10) You want only what is best for me and my health. With that in mind:
I will be limited  to 1500  calories a day.

I will be required to exercise 3x a week on MWF. If I am unable to do so, I must ask your permission or have a very good reason why I was unable to. Whether my reason for the lack of exercise is good or not will be at your discretion.

I am to eat breakfast , lunch, dinner and one snack only.

I may not eat after 9 pm.

You allow me one day to get a treat, like a larger meal or something like ice cream.

You will give me permission on what I eat . You control what I eat.

Any treat that comes into the house for me is controlled by you. If I want it I must ask you for it and you give it to me.

11) I will blog once a month at least about our lifestyle.

12) I will maintain our page Sir and baby doll about our life.

13) I am free to choose my own friends. If you feel that they are not good for me we will discuss it. If you feel they need to go then I am to end the friendship.

14) I am to maintain all homeschooling, household, and childcare responsibilities.

15) All financial decisions are at the discrestion of you. You have final say on how money is spent.

16) I will not practice the destructive behaviors I have in the past. If I do practice these I will be immediately punished with the belt.

17) I will not masturbate without permission.


  1. Fawna | 18th Aug 15

    I’m a new sub. How do I get a mentor?

    • scarletdahlia | 19th Aug 15

      Hi Fawna,

      You can find people who are willing to help in groups online or in your local kink community. If you wish to discuss this further and would like help being pointed in the right direction, please contact me on Facebook at our page Sir and babydoll. I can get a sense of what you are looking for and who might be able to help you. Finding a mentor is more than just looking for another sub. And I would like to see if I can help you find someone who can answer your questions.


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