Our Mission

When we began Sir and babydoll we did not have a mission. We were simply a couple who wanted a place to keep track of our growth. We slowly had people become interested in us and our relationship. We had people who wanted to know who we were and what we were doing. It was a completely new experience for us. But as the numbers grew, Sir and I realized we had an awesome opportunity. While this was completely unexpected we decided to embrace who we are and what we had unwittingly become to others, a peek into the unknown. We decided to make that our mission.

The Mission of Sir and babydoll

Sir and babydoll is an intimate and honest look at our Dominant and submissive relationship. We provide a glimpse into the love and respect of a deeply committed D/s couple. We believe in allowing you to see our successes and failures without the BS. It is our sincerest hope that you see our darkness, our demons, our beauty and our devotion and create a place just as amazing of your own.