About Us

Hey y’all. I am babydoll of Sir and babydoll.


This blog is diary of my thoughts, feelings, observations, and lessons learned living as a submissive in a D/s relationship. It is my growing pains, my successes and my failures. It is my musings on things that happen and things I observe. It is also one of my obligations appointed to me by my Dom.

About me? I am your typical, Midwest, average, every day kind of girl next door who happens to be owned and collared. I am a mom of two great kids. I am married to my Dom.  I work outside our home. I blog when I can, which is not near enough. And I spend my free time reading, gardening, hanging with my family and dogs, ATVing and camping. I can be kind of geeky and love Sci Fi thanks to my father.

About Sir? Well He is my Dom, my Husband, my best friend. He is your typical redneck, backwoods, nature loving, laid back kind of farm boy. He was redneck cool before redneck was cool. He drives truck for a living. And is a wonderful father. He likes to hunt, fish, go camping and ATVing. He loves the outdoor and would much rather be there than anywhere else.

Sir and I are not new this lifestyle. We have always been adventurous in and out of the bedroom, and after over 20 years together and 18 years of marriage, this was the next natural step for us. We are still growing and learning and playing. We live in a 24/7 dynamic.

Thanks for stopping by.